The Basin Harbor Cup is split into two phases:

  • Members will be split into equal groups of four players. Each group plays in a round-robin format over the month of June. One point is awarded for a win, and one-half point for a tie, with only the group winner qualifying to the next round.
    • The tiebreaker will be the winner of the head-to-head match
  • The second phase is played as a knock-out March Madness-style tournament. Each winner of the grouping will automatically advance. If there are more spots available after all of the group winners have advanced, then the top point getters from the Round Robin play who didn’t win their grouping, will advance onto the knock-out.
  • Members will have 2 weeks to play their match. Any matches that are not played before the 2-week deadline will be determined by a coin flip.
  • All matches are played over 18 holes.

The winner of the Basin Harbor Cup will be the member whom is the last person standing from the knock-out tournament. Top 3 places will receive prizes.

Entry Fee: $25
Tournament entry fee covers prizes

How to sign up? Call the Clubhouse at The Golf Club of Basin Harbor (802) 475-2309 or email